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Enjoy the latest new release movies from Hoyts Kiosk in the comfort of your own home and get inspired on the latest style and design for your home with Real Living digital magazine subscription.


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Pax Contents

e-magazine 128x128


1 x 3 Month Digital Subscription to Real Living (3 Issues)


3 x DVD RENTALS from Hoyts Kiosk

3 x  New Release Movie Rental

How it works

We’ll free post you 4 prepaid vouchers to use in shop

  • Prepaid vouchers work just like cash
  • There is no purchase necessary at time of redemption. Simply swap the voucher for your product.
  • Instructions are clearly printed on each voucher.
  • Vouchers are transferable so you can share with family and friends (or not!)
  • Cinema Ticket Restrictions: Restricted on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm and public holidays
  • Valid for a minimum of 4 months – refer to voucher for expiry date. Vouchers are subject to terms and conditions

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